Past Presidents

Originally called the Medical Faculty of Montgomery County, the many dedicated officers and members have helped to establish an ethical, compassionate healthcare system in this community. Three of its past medical society presidents – Hiram Corson MD (deceased), William Lander MD and James A. Goodyear MD have gone on to become the president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. Currrently, a past president and board member, Martin Trichtinger MD, serves as Speaker of the House of the Annual Business Meeting of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Frederic S. Becker MD (2010)
Mark A. Lopatin MD (2009)
Scott E. Shapiro MD (2008)
Mark F. Pyfer MD (2007)
Dennis A. Jerdan MD (2006)
Phillip P. Kofsky MD (2005)
Richard P. Whittaker MD (2004)
James A. Goodyear MD (2003)
Mary Elizabeth Sabol MD (2002)
Melissa M. Brown MD (2001)
Andre C. Blanzaco MD (2000)
Robert M. McNamara MD (1999)
Martin D. Trichtinger MD (1998)
Jennifer Trottman MD (1997)
James D. Cozzarelli MD (1996)
H. William Schmidt MD (1995)
Charles Cutler MD (1994)
George R. Green MD (1993)
Roberta L. Schneider MD (1992)
John E. Devenney MD (1991)
William W. Lander MD (1990)
John P. Deviney MD (1989)
Nicholas R. Rorick MD (1988)
Richard P. Albertson MD (1987)
William H. Mahood MD (1986)
Harold M. Weiner MD (1985)
Marvin H. Marx MD (1984)
Eugene B. Rex MD (1983)
Rudolph J. Panaro MD (1982)
W. Mead Jones MD (1981)
H. Craig Bell MD (1980)
John J. Maron MD (1979)
Harold J. Byron MD (1978)
John C. Maerz MD (1977)
Alan L. Dorian MD (1976)
Frederick P. Sutliff MD (1975)
Samuel S. Faris MD (1974)
Aureliano Rivas MD (1973)
Michael D. McGuire MD (1972)
Byron Clyman MD (1971)
Charles S. Amidon MD (1970)
Frank J. Tornetta MD (1969)
Elwin S. Carlin MD (1968)
Carmela F. deRivas MD (1967)
John B. Polansky MD (1966)
Arthur D. Nelson MD (1965)
John L. Steigerwalt MD (1964)
R. Bruce Lutz MD (1963)
H. Tom Tamaki MD (1962)
Manrico A. Troncelliti MD (1961)
Manuel A. Bergnes MD (1960)
Paul L. Bradford MD (1959)
D. Stewart Polk MD (1958)
Samuel F. Cohen MD (1957)
Rudolph K. Glocker MD (1956)
Addison S. Buck MD (1955)
Wilbur D. Anders MD (1954)
Charles E. Price MD &
Saul Steinverg MD (1953)
Edwin F. Tait MD (1952)
H. Ernest Tompkins MD (1951)
John D. Perkins MD (1950)
Joseph L. Hunsberger MD (1949)
Stephen J. Deichelmann MD (1948)
Teofil Babacz MD (1947)
Alice E. Sheppard MD (1946)
Arthur P. Noyes MD (1945)
M. Louise Gloeckner MD (1944)
Harold R. Warner MD (1943)
George L. Hoffman MD (1942)
George R. Irwin MD (1941)
Henry D. Reed MD (1940)
Henry Graber MD (1939)
Howard W. Hassell MD (1938)
Edgar S. Buyers MD (1937)
Walter J. Stein MD (1936)
Elwood T. Quinn MD (1935)
Joseph E. Beideman MD (1934)
Albert Rowland Garner MD (1933)
John C. Simpson MD (1932)
Herbert B. Shearer MD (1931)
Philip J. Lukens MD (1930)
Remo Fabbri MD (1929)
Robert P. Elmer MD (1928)
J. Elmer Gotwals MD (1927)
Wallace W. Dill MD (1926)
Warren Z. Anders MD (1925)
John B. Sherbon MD (1924) 
Willis Read Roberts MD (1923)
George W. Miller MD (1922)
Charles F. Doran MD (1921)
S. Metz Miller MD (1920)
Richard H. Harris MD (1919)
Winfred J. Wright MD (1918)
Herbert a. Bostock MD (1917)
Joel D. Brown MD (1916)
Benjamin F. Hubley MD (1915)
Samuel B. Horning MD (1914)
Frank C. Parker MD (1913)
George F. Hartman MD (1912)
William G. Miller MD (1911)
J. Quincy Thomas MD (1910)
J. Howard Seiple MD (1909)
J. Lawrence Eisenberg MD (1908)
Oliver C. Heffner MD (1907)
Elmer G. Kriebel MD (1906)
Reinoehl Knipe MD (1905)
Joseph K. Corson MD (1904)
Matthias Y. Weber MD (1903)
Daniel W. Shelly MD (1902)
Percy H. Corson MD (1901)
James J. Kane MD (1900)
David H. Bergey MD (1899)
J. Newton Hunsberger MD (1898)
John W. Groff MD (1897)
Henry F. Slifer MD (1896)
John D. Weaver MD (1895)
John R. Umstead MD (1894)
John C. Spear MD (1893)
C. Ziegler Weber Md (1892)
George N. Highley MD (1891)
Alice Bennett MD (1890)
Howard h. Drake MD (1889)
Philip Y. Eisenberg MD (1888)
Herbert A. Arnold MD (1887)
Francis S. Wilson MD (1886)
Harry H. Withcomb MD (1885)
Robert H. Chase MD (1884)
S. Nelson Wiley MD (1883)
Charles H. Mann MD (1882)
Samuel C. Seiple MD (1881)
Samuel Wolfe MD (1880)
William McKenzie MD (1879)
David R. Beaver MD (1878)
Jacob O. Knipe MD (1877)
William Savern MD (1876)
George K. Meschter MD (1875)
Gorham P. Sargent MD (1874)
Joseph K. Weaver MD (1873)
Edwin C. Leedom MD (1872)
George M. Stiles MD (1871)
Elwood M. Corson, Jr. MD (1870)
David Schrack, Jr. MD (1869)
A. Stokes Jones MD (1868)
John K. Reid MD (1867)
William T. Robinson MD (1866)
Franklin V. Van Artsdalen MD (1865)
Joseph W. Anderson MD (1864)
Charles Shoemaker MD (1863)
J. Milton Newberry MD (1862)
I. Newton Evans MD (1861)
S. D. Harvey MD (1860)
John L. Schrack MD (1859)
Charles Shoemaker MD (1858)
Benjamin F. Johnson MD (1857)
Francis B. Poley MD (1856)
George W. Wimley MD (1855)
John Schrack, Jr., MD (1854)
Winthrop Sargent, Jr MD (1853)
Henry Geiger MD (1852)
Benjamin F. Johnson MD (1851)
William Corson MD (1850)
Hiram Corson MD (1849)
George W. Thomas MD (1848)
George W. Thomas MD (1847)

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