The Montgomery County Medical has six special committees and two standing committees.

Standing Committees


Bylaws Committee – The committee reviews proposals for amendments to the bylaws.
George R. Green MD, chairman

Grievance Committee – The committee works to prevent or resolve misunderstandings and clarify differences between physicians and patients.
Frederic S. Becker MD, chairman

Special Committees


Executive Committee – oversees the daily operations of the society, makes recommendations to its board of directors, plans and sets agenda for board meetings and coordinate events as needed
Mark Lopatin MD, chairperson

Finance Committee – oversees the budget and related financial matters of the society.
Jay E. Rothkopf MD, chairperson

Medical-Legal Committee – defines and promotes standards and conduct between physicians and attorneys.
Jay E. Rothkopf MD, chairperson

Membership Services and Benefits – develops recruitment and retention programs and encourages active members to be more involved with organized medicine.
George R. Green MD, chairperson

Political – develops and overseas the society’s political and legislative involvement.
Martin D. Trichtinger MD, chairperson

Public Affairs, Awards & Publications – oversees the historical archives and celebrations, awards program, community outreach, media and public relations, the Speakers Bureau and web site.
Mark F. Pyfer MD, chairperson