New Members

Our profession is stronger together.

Thank you for supporting organized medicine as a member of the Montgomery County Medical Society. Your membership supports building a strong physician community that advocates for your practice, your patients and your profession.
After more than 160 years, the preservation of the doctor-patient relationship and the maintenance of safe and quality care remain paramount in our very existence. Your membership is a critical investment in your county and state medical society programs and helps support advocacy for your profession, your practice and your patients.​



​April 2016

Anitha Bhat, MD
Michael Choe, MD
Colleen Dempsey, MD​
Joel Sorosky, MD

May 2016

Theresa Burcher, MD
Elena Kazlo, DO
Vedat Obuz, MD

June 2016

Kathleen Faccio, DO
Marina Goldman, MD
Nancy Ann Finnigan, DO
Firas Saidi, MD
Barani Subramaniam Mayilvaganan, MD
Margarita McDonald, MD
Rupal Manmohan Patel, MD 

July 2016

Kirstin Sanborn, DO
Darwin Deen, MD

August 2016                             Robert Gerring, MD

September 2016

Brisha Bhikadiya, Student
Robert Hurst, MD
Nirag Jhala, MD
Jasvir Khurana, MD
Nicholas Ligato, DO
William Lucht, MD
October 2016

Sana Alvi, DO
Marylou Checchia-Romano, DO
Barbara Cooper, MD
Antonette Dulay, MD
John Fisher, MD
Cory Keller, DO
Keren McCarthy, DO
Randall Miller, MD
Miriam Segal, MD
Shobha Sem, MD
Ryan Shadis, MD
Meghan Shayhorn, MD
Suganthi Soundararajan, MD
Monisha Vora, MD
Kristin Wesley, MD
November 2016

Herbert Caskey, MD
Gene Corbman, MD
Laurence Fitzhenry, MD
Daniel Friedman, Student
Jason Goldsmith, MD
Janine Kyrillos, MD
Annette Lee, MD
Prashanth Ramachandra, MD
Aaron Sporn, MD
Kenneth Sternberger, MD
Mahalakshmi Srinivasan, MD
Xiaomang Stickles, MD
James Stinchon III, MD
Adam Strohl, MD
Tisa Taylor, MD
December 2016

Jerrold Bonn, MD
M. Allyson Brown, MD
Mahrukh Khan, MD
Majid Khan, MD
Phelps Lambert, MD
Caroline Groft MacFarlane, MD PhD
Beatrice Rotibi, MD
Mohammad Fayez Rujubali, MD

January 2017

Nicole Elana Albert, DO
Stephanie M. Brian, MD
Jessie W. Dinome, MD
Nisreen Mousa Madhoun, DO
Brian Henry Malone, Medical Student          
Mustafa Mohammed, Medical Student         
Jennifer Morris, Administrator
Jose R. Nassar, MD
Ho Pak, MD
Nilesh V. Patel, MD

February 2017

Divya Aggarwal, MD
Asrar Ahmad, MD
Waed Ahmad  Alswealmeen, MD
Megumi Asai, MD
Jeffrey William Burgess, MD
Ronald Drew Durtschi, MD
Madeeha Hafeez, MD
Sarah Allison Hall, MD
Mohsin Hamid, MD
Daniel S. Han, MD
Caitlin Sarah Hodge, MD
Nidhi Mukundbhai Karia, MD
Waqas Ahmad Khan, MD
Linda Yijia Li, MD
Amy M. MacIntyre, MD
Katherine Ellen Maclean, MD
Asif Mehmood, MD
Deepika Nandiraju, MD
Nicole Catherine Newingham, DO
Jason Christopher Ojeda, MD
Tanya Jane Olszewski, MD
John Phu, MD
Zahra Rashid Qamar, MD
Ali Rafiq, MD
Andrew Rogers, MD
Elyse Sarah Rosenthal, DO
Andres Xavier Samayoa Mendez, MD
Prabhu Senthil Kumar , MD
Shaik Abdul Rashid, MD
Yizhi Shan, MD
Davek P. Sharma, MD
Nicholas Matthew Sich, MD
Olivier Philippe Van Houtte, MD
Kelley Ann Vandergrift, DO
March 2017

Hassan Abbas, MD
Nuha Abdurahman, DO
Ahmad Arslan, MD
Muhammad Umair Atiq, MD
Hadiatou Barry, MD
Danelle V. Bertozzi, MD
Ruchi Suchit Bhutani, MD
Shaina Feldman Bruce, MD
James J. Butz, MD
Sean Patrick Carnahan, Medical Student      
Tricia Ann Cavanaugh, MD
Muhammad Arslan Asghar Cheema, MD
Catherine Erminia Cicco, DO
Francesca Marcelle Delach, MD
Puneet Dhillon, MD
Sunny F. Ekwunife, DO
Nicole Elizabeth Falls, MD
Andrew Sun Fang, DO
Jillian Beth Fleisher, DO
Ganesh Gajanan, MD
Tiffany Jean Tolentino Gonzales, MD
Neethu Gopisetti, MD
Danielle Elizabeth Green, DO
Francisco Grippi Figueredo, MD
Harshwant Grover, MD
Gerald Hansen IV, DO
Darya Lillian Heim, MD
Jonathan Christian Hill, MD
Rowaa Noureddin Mohammed Ibrahim, MD
Iqra Iqbal, MD
Krista Marie Isaac, DO
Deborah L. Jones, Administrator
Jacob Y. Katsnelson, MD
Andrew G. Kelada, Medical Student
David Meredith Kerner, DO
Yasir Yousuf Khan, MD
Melissa Marie Lacombe, DO
Nathan Howard Lent, MD
Ryan Christopher Miller, DO
Babatunde Adebayo Ogunnaike, MD
Abdelsalam H. A. Osman, MD
Anahid Maria Pahlawanian, DO
Jonathan J. Paly, DO
Veska Pandika, MD
Phedra Ulary Penn, MD
Robert Allan Perkins, MD
Ronald Andre Pitt, MD
Jessica Clare Polishook, MD
Preethi Rajendran, MD
Ahmad Raza, MD
William Joseph Rusnak, MD
Lauren Stockton Saltzburg, DO
Usman Sarwar, MD
Kelly Lynn Scollon-Grieve, MD
Umer Shoukat, MD
Sam Skariah, MD
Purujit Jnanesh Thacker, MD
Waqas Ullah, MD
Jacob Patrick Wright-Piekarski, MD
Rolla Nagui Zarifa, MD​


Membership has its privileges

  • Reimbursement for CME courses for young physicians under 45 as stipulated in the Howard F. Pyfer Fund
  • Patient safety and risk management CME plus online CME tracker
  • Physician reimbursement information and guidance form the PMS practice economics and payer relations staff
  • Group insurance rates
  • Advocate for third party payers, Medicare, Medicaid and other issues of importance to physicians
  • Several publications to keep you informed about political, practice management and patient issues
  • Useful web site, JobBank, online store, legislative contacts and the list goes on.

Your county medical society works closely with the Pennsylvania Medical Society on various legislative and regulatory matters that affect your practice and your patients. Here is your opportunity to lead in this era of health care change. For more information on how you can get in the game, contact the MCMS executive director, (610) 878-9530 or e-mail,